painkiller to empathy killer

Does more drugs mean less empathy to others’ pain?

Having a hard time getting through to people? Noticing the lack of empathy? This may be one of the reasons…

As an ethical vegan and even longer, the health conscious person, I always wonder how can people be so insensitive and stubborn sometimes? You tell them about animal suffering, billions of lives lost every year and the responses you get may vary from: “Ah, well, that’s the circle of life” to: “Plants have feelings, too”, and all the excuses and comments in between, including some very violent ones.

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HCLF Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Low Fat Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Creamy and delicious, this low fat vegan chocolate pudding is simple to make and made with only five ingredients. No avocados, no nuts or nut butters… The secret ingredient for its’ texture is… Potato!

New potatoes are finally here, yay! Being starchivores, and especially potato lovers, the transitioning period between the old potatoes and new ones was hard on us. Sunchokes (a.k.a. Jerusalem artichokes) are nice and their flavor is specific, but we don’t feel they hold that much starch as potatoes do.

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Spring Tempeh Salad

Spring Tempeh Salad

Crunchy spring greens, Jerusalem artichokes that are melting in your mouth, salty tempeh and a red pepper for a  touch of color… All mixed with creamy dressing for a delicious spring launch

In our home, almost no lunch or dinner can be prepared without a bowl of greens. Healthy, chewy and balancing, especially if we go overboard with spices, which can happen sometimes 🙂

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Blueberry Smoothie

Ice-cold Blueberry Smoothie

Delicious and cold, ideal refreshment to satisfy the craving for something sweet and it’s done in less than 3 minutes

Last Sunday we went into our favorite forest in the city. Large and beautiful, peaceful, birds chirping in the tree tops… Perfect place to charge our introvert batteries. While we were walking through the forest, I noticed a bunch of cute white flowers as far as I could see. Those flowers looked kinda familiar. Closer look at the leaves made me finally realize that we are engulfed in the lovely scent of wild garlic. Oh my, the rich intoxicating aroma was spreading through the section of the forest and all I could think was: “Where is my umeboshi vinegar, this calls for a salad!” 🙂

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Vegan Mac and Cheese with Mushrooms

Vegan Mac and Cheese with Mushrooms

Creamy and somewhat gooey, this HCLF vegan mac and cheese option is a great warming and comfort food after a long, cold day

We have been recycling for a year or maybe longer now, but it never seems to shock me how people are completely oblivious with their trash. In Serbia, recycling is almost a myth and the culture of recycling is non-existent. In every few blocks/neighborhoods there are usually three recycling bins: one for paper, one for plastic and one for metal. Every time we go to throw our recyclables, I am disgusted to see regular trash in these bins. And the regular trash bins are right next to these, how careless must you be?

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chia pudding

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Sweet, chocolaty and easy to make, chia pudding is a great and healthy dessert, snack or a breakfast option.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? For the first two weeks of September, we were stayacationing and just enjoying ourselves. The less plans, the better. It’s a funny thing how life shows you that your planning is most of the time just downright silly. I had huge plans to work a lot on our blog for these two weeks. All those things that I couldn’t find the time and energy to do on regular days. Ha, I ended up barely looking at it for that time.

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vegan injera

Teff Flour Flatbread – Vegan Injera

Subtle, aromatic taste and airy texture of this flatbread goes well with anything: cashew cream, hummus or jam, homemade nutella… injera is a perfect companion!

About two weeks ago, we learned of teff flour. OK, rewind. What’s teff, anyway? It’s a fairly new alternative grain in the health food community, but actually, it’s not new at all. In Ethiopia it has been used for centuries, as one of the first domesticated plants. From its flour, the traditional sourdough flatbread is made, injera.

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spicy avocado dip

Spicy Avocado Dip

Smooth, green and spicy guacamole-like avocado dip is easy to make and ideal for hot summers. Dip in your favorite crackers or biscuits and enjoy!

It seems like the scorching heat wave has finally gone. Whew! Two nights ago, after it started raining, we were thrilled to turn off the AC, open everything and BREATHE! The smell of ozone was intoxicating. I love the scent of rain on the hot city asphalt. I turned off my computer, lay beside the window, just being present. There, in that moment, grounded.

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raspberry and blackberry filled melon

Raspberries and Blackberries Filled Melon

Colorful and delicious raspberries and blackberries stuffed melon is a great and simple way to refresh and sweeten up the hot summer days.

The past week was really hectic. I’m not even sure why, or what to pin point and put my finger on, but it just was. Seems like we were barely present in our days and things were going their own pace, with or without us. I guess this heat wave with almost no rain for a month, maybe longer, certainly had some part to play in all our confusion. If I had a chance, during such hot summer days, I would sleep throughout the day and wake up and go outside at night. It’s much more peaceful and quiet.

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